American Ballet Theatre®

Dance Connections,, Inc is proud to include the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum, a breakthrough 9 level program that combines high quality artistic training with the basics of dancer health and child development. The ABT® National Training Curriculum consists of a comprehensive set of age-appropriate, outcome-based guidelines to provide the highest quality ballet training to dance students of all ages and skill levels. Pre-Primary through Level 3 will be taught by ABT® Certified Teacher, Jennifer Aversa , who has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in Pre-Primary through Level 3 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum.

Ballet and Tap Combo

Basic ballet and tap principles are explored in the center and across the floor, as well as through creative imagery and games. Students are also introduced to elementary principles of movement including body and special awareness, rhythm, effort, level, locomotor, and non-locomotor movements.

Cecchetti Ballet

The Cecchetti method of ballet is a sequential graded system of classical ballet that takes a dancer from beginning level to professional status. The syllabus tests the technical and artistic accomplishments of a student candidate who have been prepared by a Cecchetti member teacher. It offers students an opportunity to demonstrate their technical ability and understandings of the material. Each level provides attainable goals that build self-confidence in their developmental progress and successful achievements.

Dancely Ballet/Tap and Ballet/Jazz

We are combining our two amazing programs, Discover Dance and Dancely to bring you this truly unique preschool dance program.  Discover dance is a conceptual approach to dance classes where the concepts of place, level, size, direction, pathway, focus, speed, rhythm, energy, flow, body parts, shapes, relationships, balance, locomotor, and non-locomotor movements are explored in a creative way while teaching basic ballet, tap, and or jazz basics.  This foundation of conceptual learning will give our preschoolers the confidence and building blocks that they will need to develop strength, coordination, balance, range of motion, posture, muscle tone.  Dance also teaches cognitive and memory skills, sensory and kinetic awareness of the body in space,  nonverbal communication, focus, social-emotional learning, problem solving, teamwork, and more! Dance teaches movement patterns that are creating new neural pathways in the brain that is essential to optimal early childhood brain development. 

Dancely offers age-appropriate exercise designed to focus and emphasize sequencing, patterning and repetition while using new original music and choreography to add to the fun.  Some of our favorites that we know they will love and sing at home is “I’m a little flower,” “Princesses and Pirates” and “Dancin’ Dino Dash”

Dance Team Pom Drill

Come join us for a high energy jazz infused class to practice pom and drill technique to prepare dancers for high school dance opportunities and beyond!

Funky Pop Hop

Dancers will learn elements of jazz technique and hip hop style while listening to fun, upbeat music. It's sure to get your heart pumping and your body grooving!

Groovin' With A Grown-Up

Designed for our youngest dancer's ages 2-3, this class is designed for each dancer to participate with a parent or caregiver. For the dancer who isn't quite ready to separate from their caregiver for a class, this class is the perfect opportunity to improve coordination and overall gross motor skills that make up the foundations of dance. Come join in with the music, singing, dancing, stories, and activities to build confidence, learn new skills, and have fun! Parents/ Caregivers dance along and participate in class making a fun bonding experience. Dancers and caregivers wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Bare feet for class (or can wear gripper socks).


Hip Hop is a high energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, and popping and locking.  Classes will encourage students to step outside the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movement.  Hip Hop teaches rhythm, coordination, and balance through age-appropriate movements set up fun upbeat music.  Class indulges upper and lower body conditioning as well as a good warm-up to help get students prepared to dance.

Jazz Dance

This upbeat type of dance begins with a center warm-up and stretches and moves to combinations both across the floor and in the center. Moving to upbeat music, students will develop proper body alignment, flexibility, coordination, and strength.

Mermaid Dance & Tumble

Students will learn fun dance and acro moves using a mermaid tail!!  Class will begin with a quick dance movement warm-up and then we pop on our tail to learn some fun acro and dance skills including mermaid rolls, tail extensions, tails to head, mini tail bridges and MORE!!  A fun mermaid dance and acro combo will finish out this exciting NEW and specialized class!

Mini's Musical Theater

This musical theatre class is specifically designed for dancers ages 3-4. Dancers will be introduced to basic acting, singing and dancing skills through acting out some of their favorite characters! This fun-filled class is all about being creative, using imagination, and using 'make believe' fun to explore the foundations of musical theatre. Dancers should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in and gripper socks.  

Modern Dance

Get moving with this fun and creative form of dance. Learn the fundamentals of modern dance technique while enjoying the creative aspects of dance and composition. Enjoy free movement and the opportunity to discover your own movement vocabulary.

Musical Theater

Does your child love to be in musicals?  Maybe they love acting and/or have a great voice, but need that 3rd element of dance to make them a "Triple Threat".
Our Musical Theater dance will do just that.  We will teach them the basics as well as some history of Broadway dance, and many styles including Fosse, Robbins, etc. Acting games and drills will also be included. The class will begin with basic jazz warm up, to progressions across the floor, to center combinations where dancers can explore different broadway styles.

Silver Swans Ballet

Silver Swans Ballet is a program developed by the Royal Academy of Dance for older learners so that can take part in ballet classes.  Whether you’re an experienced dancer, have briefly dabbled, or are a complete novice, we welcome all older learners of any ability. 


Get moving with this fun and exciting class of sounds and rhythms! Dancers will learn basic tap vocabulary and build upon them focusing on clean, crisp sounds and rhythms. As the dancer progresses, they will learn more intricate rhythms and patterns. All styles from Broadway to rhythm tap will be explored.